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    Hello, good morning, sorry for my English I use the translator, since I am Spanish.
    I have rented three servers a dedicated in OneProvider and two VPS in Inbo.
    I have installed ISPConfig Master in the dedicated in Rocky Linux 8.5,
    In an exclaving VPS, and installed Rocky Linux with the secondary MX option and DNS.
    And in the other VPS I exclavo what was installed Debian 11, with the script and the DNS service.
    I have several questions one of them is that in the VPS Rocky Linux and installed fee, but I have not been able to apply it, it has a different exQuema of partition.
    And the query that most worries me is: My 3 Server have different IP ranges, and I do not know how to make the records
    And followed this tutorial:
    But in the tutorial IP are correlative, they seem from internal LAN.
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    You missed adding dots at the end of the records in the 'Dato' column. Any fully qualified domain name (fqdn) has to end with a dot, otherwise BIND would add the zone name at the end. Have a look at the guide you posted a link to, it contains the correct records.
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