1 FTP to access all sites of 1 client

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You think it's useful to have 1 FTP to access all sites of 1 client?

  1. Yes, I want 1 ftp to access multiple sites on my client account.

  2. No, I want to create a separate ftp for every site/sub-domain

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  1. Vlad_M

    Vlad_M New Member


    How can I create an FTP account with the following root access:
    instead of

    I need to access multiple sites from 1 ftp account, it's inconvenient to create a separate FTP account for every site/sub-domain and switch in between..

  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Each site is owned by a different Linux user, so you can not access more then one site from one FTP account.

    But its the only way to prevent that you loose all sites at once when one gets hacked. Security is mostly inconvenient.
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  3. Vlad_M

    Vlad_M New Member

    Well, it'd be of great help if this security was an option and not mandatory.. For someone like me that doesn't get too much traffic/risk but manages tons of projects, this is very inconvenient. Also, I am talking about 1 ftp per 1 client, am not saying root access to all sites on server is the solution. If I have 30 sub domains under 1 client account, they all require a separate FTP.

    Anyway, maybe in the future you'll have the option to disable this security measure, and allow us to access all web folders on our client directory. Thank you!
  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    you can create the subdmains as vhost subdomains in ispconfig, then they have different vhosts but share the same ftp user. You need different ftp users only if you create them as different websites.
  5. Vlad_M

    Vlad_M New Member

    Great, thanks for the tip! Now I see, I just create a folder in the web directory, and point the root of the sub-domain to that folder.. Thank you :)

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