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Discussion in 'General' started by mattltm, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. mattltm

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    Sorry if it's already been asked but I searched the forums and couldn't find any answers.
    Is there a suggested release date for V3.1? I have to get another server online and will wait to do a fresh install of 3.1 rather than an upgrade if it's only going to be a few weeks.
  2. Elayne

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    Well I guess the answer won't be different from the ones in those topics. Patience is what you need to know because it's a free software in first place. They are doing their best to release it as soon as they can with as less bugs as they can, because in other case we would be angry (for no reason) why they released something that's not stable... right? :) Hope that helped.
  3. mattltm

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    I'm not impatient or angry or pushing for it to be released. I was just asking if there was a date.
    Thanks for the links. My search fu must be weak!
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  4. till

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    We will make a prerelease as soon as the last points mentioned here are fixed:


    I understand that you are waiting for the new version, I can't wait to see it release too, but we will not release it until we feel that it's ready as we don't want to release a software that is unfinished or unstable. This is an OpenSource project where many volunteers are working on, so I can't make a plan like we have X developers that work 40 hours / week so we are finished in X days which results in a release on x.x.x. Therefore we will announce the date when we are ready.

    And you should be aware that we are currently testing the systems so that it is likely that we find some new bugs after the prerelease that have to be fixed before the final release.

    The 3.0.5.x to 3.1 update is a "normal" update, so nothing that should hold you back from installing a server with now.

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