502 bad gateway when connecting to ispconfig3

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  1. MarekTrzynski

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    After many hours, i manage to get running all websites even the phpmyadmin apart roundcube.
    Problem was with PHP of course but for other users, please fallow this two magic links and keep them open all the time: (my server spec: Debian 8 Jessie, nginx, PHP 5.6.40-0+deb8u2 (cli) )

    If you make any change, please restart nginx/apache and php-fpm, then the same command with status insted restart to make sure i running without any issue. Also do not panic if websites go down be calm and check what is still running like mail service, database etc. and thing what else need to be running to get back on the feet.

    I'm still have a problem with roundcube - if anyone have a good hit which i can fallow, please let me know.
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  2. Jesse Norell

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    You said earlier it doesn't work, but I don't find any specific symptoms/behavior. Are you getting errors? Does it just not login ? or can't send/recieve? or ? How did you install roundcube, from system packages or manually ?
  3. MarekTrzynski

    MarekTrzynski New Member

    Hi thanks for your replay, that was verry stressfull time but i manage to fix all the issue i had, there was a few:
    - php
    - phpmyadmin
    - roundcube
    - nginx
    - ispconfig
    I had no experience with linux before but 72hours i spend reading, testing asking you and all is fine now.
    I learn a lot about the linux, databases, nginx, ispconfig how the folder are structure and how important are symbolic links inside the folder
    which was verry inportant to fix problem with roundcube also the cerbot and many other things i learn along the way.
    I must thanks to all of you.
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