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  1. iceget

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    dear community,

    currently i has installed ispconfig with default settings. now on all my websites i can access to domain.com/phpmyadmin.

    is there a possibilty to change the port that i then can block via firewall?
    or any other option? i want only allwo some users to use phpmyadmin, but not for public access.
    that is here the best possibility? different port, i can block via firewall to some users.
    can anybody helps me how i can do that to let phpmyadmin listen on a different port?

    for me it was enough if phpmyadmin is reachable over the https://*:8080/phpmyadmin port. i have locked this port to only some users.

    how i can change the configuration that phpmyadmin listens only on :8080/phpmyadmin?

    thank you so much
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  2. ztk.me

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    Depending on the system and webserver used ( nginx, apache ) but I assume you have a file
    which includes the line
    make it look like
    this will disable domain.com/phpmyadmin

    Now you want to have access in some form again.
    The easy way would be to create a website / subdomain and add a password protection on that.
    For that subdomain you could add a webserver specific configuration to add that alias to the website,
    but getting it to work with a password to allow few people only can be tricky.

    You could also install phpmyadmin on that subdomain yourself and have it password protected.

    If you use nginx, the alias might be defined somewhere else. Would be good to have more information.
  3. iceget

    iceget Member

    Thank you for your reply.

    yes i am using apache2.

    but it was enough if phpmyadmin is reachable over the ispconfig port, i dont need a other port fort that.
    only that the phpmyadmin is not reachable from each DOMAIN.com/phpmyadmin on my server.

    is there no other way? i now in this case i can install phpmyadmin in a own web with a password protection.
    simpler was the way (i think) that i only change the port for the phpmyadmin.. or is this not simple to realize?

    thank you so much!
  4. ztk.me

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    Ok, if you want to have phpmyadmin available on :8080
    you'll find an Alias for /mail
    you may add the line from the phpmyadmin config stated above ( just the alias )
    But this is not guaranteed to stay as the file may be overwritten.

    Not sure if there is a template for this or a conf.d folder which could include things in that file
  5. till

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    Please do not run other software on port 8080. The apps vhost on port 8081 exist for apps like phpmyadmin and is already preconfigured for e.g. phpmyadmin and Roundcube webmail. Running other software in the context of the ISPConfig vhost on port 8080 can lead to security issues if this app is run as user ispconfig.
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  6. till

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    Btw. and please edit the title of the thread an give it a meaningful title.
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