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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by mindswept, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. mindswept

    mindswept New Member

    Hi all,

    This may be a little long winded but some advice would be greatly appreciated.

    After to many frustrating years with microsoft software and sytems I have decided to give Linux a go. Fedora is a really attractive option but after probably to much reading I am confused at where to start.

    I run a small business with only half a dozen workstations at most. While at the moment I am just looking to set up a file and possibly email server, a do wish a little later in the year to take over the hosting of my own site and mail.

    I have an ISO of Fedora 8 and am really at a loss as to weather or not go simple or set up a fully fledged server now and grow into it. I have some experience with unix through the mac platform and generally adapt quickly to learning and change.

    Any thoughts and guidence would be much appreciated, perhaps one day I can return the favour or help someone else out who is in my position...

    Thanks ahead for any responses
  2. zcworld

    zcworld New Member

    personal i would do the full server setup now

    or you could do if you got an free pc or an good end system like with 2 GB of ram or more
    run an VM copy of fedora in there as an full server website with like www / mail
    so you know what your doing and use it as an test bed before you do it to the real box

    if you do the full setup now
    you can disable the services you dont need ATM via the termianl window -> type
    setup and than pick like services from the menu list and disable them that way
  3. mindswept

    mindswept New Member

    Thanks heaps

    Would you recommend the how to? It looks fairly compehensive and pretty easy to follow. Although I am struggling at times with commands, it's been a while!
  4. zcworld

    zcworld New Member

    look at the ISPconfig for Fedora
    to handle the
    Email / web hosting

    you can run on that box
    an privte DNS server
    so that you can run privte / testing websites
    that are only for local access use

    for the filesharing : arrr hang 10
    and i will see what i can find around

    and use like samba for the network shares / file sharing on the network

    personal : i would use 2 x
    one for the file sharing
    and one for the web / email
  5. zcworld

    zcworld New Member

    give me about 5 hrs or so
    and i will have an look at cubepanel

    to see how well it does email

    personal : for web hosting : its a SOB at best ( Point Of View)

    but its a tab less massing around at start to setup

    PS. go and get a copy of Vmware server
    to play around with the fedora
    install fedora once
    boot up
    and do the steps its went when you first start it up
    shutdown and than do an copy of the fedora VM folder
    incase its goes ass up
    so you dont have to do an full reinstall :)

    and give an shot to ISPconfig
  6. mindswept

    mindswept New Member

    Windows email

    Thanks for your responses I am feeling positive about most of this.

    The web hosting does concern me, perhaps it would be easier just to control my own domain with a few user accounts............

    I have also been told it is not possible to have a linux server run email for windows based workstations..............I find this hard to believe. Although I have good experience in a different field,(Windows), I have seen Linux and Windows work together in many envirionments, VOIP, Fileserving, Application management etc, but admittedly never with mail...................
  7. zcworld

    zcworld New Member

    I have also been told it is not possible to have a linux server run email for windows based workstations.

    BS : Total BS

    if you got like less than 20 users of your network
    its not really going to kill you or hurt to much to setup each user Email account on an linux box

    maybe like (first/lastname)
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    there is an Commercial Email program i like i played around with it on windows
    with AD support : never try it on linux with AD from w2k3 server

    but still you got the painful act of setting passwords for each user

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