A sitebuilder to use with ISPConfig?

Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by oats, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. oats

    oats New Member

    I'm looking for advice on a good sitebuilder.

    I'm setting up a server to allow a lot of non-profit organisation to set up their own website. I'll be providing this as a free service and was thinking of using ISPConfig to set up the domains, and give each user their own control panel to set up emails etc.

    As many of these organisations will be new to websites and hosting I'm looking for a sitebuilder to put on the server for them too. I'd want this to be very user friendly. Although it's a free service I want the sites to be decent, and I don't want to have loads of calls for help to set the sites up etc.

    The sites (initially at least) won't need to be sophisticated - home page, about us, links, news, photogallery are probably the main requirments. Possibly a guestbook. No e-commerce functionality required.

    In an ideal world I'd like the sitebuilder to be accessable from the user control panel. That's not essential but I'm not sure how else to put the facility on the server for all 'clients' to use unless it's installed in each domain somewhere? They'd obviously have to be able to launch it easily, save and upload the site, and be able to access it for editing when required.

    Any advice on suitable sitebuilders would be appreciated ... siteZen impresses me so far. If the sitebuilder doesn't integrate with the users ISPConfig panel I need advice on how to implement the solution on the server too as this is new territory for me.

  2. webstergd

    webstergd New Member

    You are not alone in your request. We are currently working on creating plugins that will provide what you requested. I believe the phpnuke plugin is almost complete:

    As far as CMS's go this topic might help:

    I have currently switched a decent amount of the pages I make to joomla, www.joomla.com. I found that for the average user is it simple and easy.
    Drupal might also be something to look at. www.drupal.org
  3. danf.1979

    danf.1979 Member

    Yes, the cms installer is functional right now but I have things to do yet.
    This are the cms supported till now:
    Copy paste from code:
    $cms_array = array("cmsms", "etomite", "joomla", "mambo", "phpnuke", "postnuke", "websitebaker", "boastmachine", "wordpress", "phpbb", "usebb");
    But there will be more.
  4. petert101

    petert101 New Member

    Great to see that cmsms is the first in the array :)
  5. Kara

    Kara New Member

    First of all , i am new in this and installed ISPConfig in no time (was easy and with some help from other threads it was a pleasure :D )
    My first posting and its a request :eek:
    I really installed almost all of the free cms and must say php-fusion is my favorite cms.
    Is there a little chance and some hope for php-fusion in this project ?.
    Thanks alot
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  6. MicCo

    MicCo New Member

    Why not try GuppY CMS ?

    Why not try GuppY CMS, it's an CMS that dont requier any MySQL databases as it works, for now - MySQL option will be in the future as we work on it, with flat-files.

    Look at FreeGuppy.org, french and english, due to that fact that GuppY can handle two language on each GuppY website, by your choise.

    For danish, swedish or norwegian look at FreeGuppY.dk

    We got tons of skin, plugins etc etc.

  7. edge

    edge Active Member Moderator

  8. pontifex

    pontifex New Member

    what about typo3 ?

  9. giuseppe1

    giuseppe1 New Member

    right answer

    I think this is what was asked: a sitebuilder not just a csm installer script.

    Guys i'm trying cpanel & co on another machine and the more i go into cpanel, the more i love ispconfig. It's unreal: in order to have support for products like the cpanel itself and various plugins, you have to give them your root password!!! i don't like this way...
    Anyway, i am going to keep my setup on ispconfig and so i'm interested in cms installer and/or site builder... any news on this?

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