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  1. Bailx

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    does anyone here use adaptec raid cards? i have the 2130slp http://adaptec.com/worldwide/produc...ey=ASR-2130S&language=English+US&cat=Products

    I've been trying to get the aaccli to run using this refernece guide

    i'm not having much luck... all i really want is an email notification if my raid array becomes degraded, and the tools to begin the rebuilding process once the hd has been replaced... so maybe there is some "other" tool that could perform these functions (native linux app or something).

    anyways if anyone has any info they can offer me i'd appreciate it.
  2. Bailx

    Bailx New Member

    the only operating system that i have gotten to work with StorMan (adaptec storage manager) is SLES9.... and I do not care to use it... since it's no better than RHEL (which i'm ditching)....same price i think $349 US / year


    it's probably due to the fact i had to load drivers from a floppy..... brings me back to the good (bad) ole' days when i had to compile my own 9000 series 3ware drivers. I was hoping to avoid the hassles of all that when i bought the adaptec card....little did i know it would actually be WORSE than 3ware... (i love 3ware btw)

    i guess all this typing is just in vain (i've been drinking)... since nobody here probably deals in this crappy hardware (adaptec can blow me).

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    I'd really love to help you, but I don't have experience with Adaptec Raid cards...

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