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  1. Konstantinos999

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    I have a question if can anyone help me.
    Why when i write my server ip opens a site? And when i disable this site the next one (in the order in ispconfig) opens with my server ip. What configuration i have done wrong? For example lets say that my ip is . I have 10 sites in ispconfig. When i open in browser opens the first site. When i disable the first site , opens the second etc. All the sites working perfectly and open with their domain names and also the first (in ispconfig order) open with the domain name and with server ip. (I hope to understand what i mean). I want to dont appear anything when i write server ip in the browser or to appear apache first page. How can i do that?
    Thank you
  2. till

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    What you describe is the default behavior of the apache and Nginx web server, so this is not ispconfig related. When apache or Nginx are not able to find a matching vhost, then they will display the first vhost that they can find on the same IP address.

    If you don't want that one of the customer websites is displayed, then create a new website for that purpose and use e.g. 000domain.tld as domain name, it does not matter that the domain name exists, it must be just the first in alphabetic order when you compare it wil the domains that exist on your server already.
  3. Konstantinos999

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    I understand what you say. So one solution is to configure the apache file and the other solution, more easier to do that you said.
    Ok, i did it and everything its ok now!
    Thank you for your help!

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