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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by misterm, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. misterm

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    I have a problem with repertory cgi-bin, when I give permissions on files * pl or * cgi, it give me like error "Error 500 - Error of the waiter!".

    Whereas I do have to make, to change the address in the file conf of ispconfig?

    Yours sincerely

    MM :confused:
  2. web-worlds

    web-worlds New Member

    Me too


    I also run into trouble with the CGI-BIN i uploaded a shoutbox script in ASCII and I set permissin on the install file to 755, but when I try to call the install file (http://www.domain.tld/cgi-bin/ I get a 500 error - Internal Server Error!

    What am I missing here ??

    Kind regards,
    Etienne van Bruggen

    ps I run Suse Linux 9.2 server with a perfect setup of ISPconfig
  3. edge

    edge Active Member Moderator

    Is the "#!/usr/bin/perl" at the top of the script set to the correct path?
  4. sjau

    sjau Local Meanie Moderator

    check apache logs - what do you get there when you call the script?
  5. web-worlds

    web-worlds New Member

    the first line in the script is:


    I understand that this should be changed, but to what?

    And about the log, I will get back to that in a second...

    Thnaks in advance,
  6. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    If it's a Python script, then this should work (make sure /usr/bin/python exists).
    Did you enable suExec on your server?

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