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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by smartmobili, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. smartmobili

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    I have installed ISPConfig on centos7 and when I create a new domain and a new email account I have to enter the whole domain.
    For instance: [email protected] but just want to enter foo

    So I have tried to add inside /etc/roundcubemail/
    $config['default_host'] = '%s';

    but it doesn't work. I have also tried with %t but doesn't work.
  2. till

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    The email login is the whle email address. If you want to use a different login, then you have to enable ciustom logins in ispcofig and enter a custom and unique userame for every mail account which you can use then in roundcube.
  3. smartmobili

    smartmobili New Member

    Not sure to understand your answer. On my old server I could only enter the username without the whole domain name and roundcube was automatically added the domain name.
    So in this case it I have a user foo on and, since the domain is added it will be unique.
    No really I don"t understand...

    MY first error was to use default_host, it should be username_domain, for now I have tried $config['username_domain'] = '%t'; but doesn't work.
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  4. smartmobili

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    Ok so to allow people to enter only their login you have to declare the following config inside roundcube configuration file:

    $config['default_host'] = '%t';
    $config['username_domain'] = '%t';

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