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    We are running ispconfig3 updated the os via the gui Oct 25, 2014

    We are receiving a lot of spam to some accounts. Some accounts seem to be getting very little spam. The problem is we need to investigate why and for emails that "pass" there is no spam score in the headers to review. We want to determined if indeed the spam scoring is working.

    For example we have one account that I set the spam score policy to 1. So any email that scores above 1 should be blocked. This account is getting 50 spam a day still. Seems odd to me that with a score of 1 that so many spam would be getting in. But since I can not look at the headers to see the score I can not be certain if the issue is the spam scoring or not.

    so my questions are

    1. how do you enable spam scoring to the headers on pass emails? We did try this with no success.

    2. Are there any other tweaks we can do to eliminate spam globally on the server. I have rbl as the following.,,,,,,,,

    Any other rbl you think work well I'll use them. Or tweaks for that matter

    thank you

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