Added db users are not reflected in the dropdown menu of the database creation form

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    SOLVED: It is because the site was without a reason was assigned to another client whereas the database I tried to create belonged to the client the site beloned to. That is the reason the db user was not reflected in the drop down list. Something went wrong with the recent upgrade I guess including the vhosts files changed and assigned server_names randomly. Sorry for the false alarm.


    I am on a Debian Wheezy with PHP 5.4.45 and ISPConfig 3.0.5p8. The issue is added db users to an existing client (Sites>Database Users> Add) do not appear in the dropdown menu of db creation form (Sites > Databases), which prevents in creating databases assigned to a specific user of a client.

    1. It is not a mysql root password issue as I can access (mysql -u root -p) and dump (mysqldump -u root -p database > database.sql) from the command line.

    2. Tried to debug by disabling the ispconfig cron job, but /usr/local/ispconfig/server/ runs without any hitches (outputs 'finished' in the command line).

    3. Also checked the mysql.log, ispconfig.log and ispconfig cron.log, nothing reported.

    Any inputs appreciated! Thanks.

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