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Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by babydunk, Aug 18, 2016.

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    i use a script which has a build-in notification system when someone posts something on the site i get a notified.

    now i only started getting the **SPAM** mark just after i change the outboard delivery email for the script to [email protected]. the reason for the change is because hotmail was spamming all other email addresses from this domain apart from the postmaster. i have been battling with hotmail for a long time now and this seems to fix my problem :D

    the admin notification mail is always delivered by webmaster.

    i also see a difference in the title, there is a gap. heres of before
    and after , that gap isn't show when posted in this thread

    here is my email header. i dont really understand but i think its something to do with an image that's sent with almost every notitication. i never noticed any bother with until the outboard delivery mail address was changed
    Thank you :D
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  2. till

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    I don't think that your problem is caused by the title. You can see the rules that got applied in the mail header, the highest score is:


    So the problem is as far as I understand the message that the replyto address is from a freemail account and amavis sees this as faked sender address as your server is not that freemail hoster.


    Probably just an image inside the html part of the email. emails with just an image and without text are unusual for "real" emails, so this causes a high score as well.

    You probably have to change the replyto address to a non hotmail address.
  3. babydunk

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    Hi Till thank you for your quick reply

    the replyto address is set by the user who actually send the message. i just get a copy sent to admin for moderation.

    i just had another look and now these message are not being marked as spam . there is no replyto address in the header. my dkim is also now showing in the header which it never did with the spam mark message :-/

    the world of email servers could put you around the twist lol

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