After upgrade admin password no longer works

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by IntnsRed, Nov 20, 2016.

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    On a Debian Jessie/stable system I logged into ISPConfig 3 for the first time in months. It politely told me that there was an update, so I ssh'ed into the box as root and ran I smacked enter on the defaults and the system updated.

    All was fine: web sites worked, DNS and mail seemed to work perfectly, etc.

    But when I attempted to log into ISPConfig as admin the login fails. I know I'm using the right password. (And I can't attempt to use the "password lost" option (if that even works for an admin) because I'm not positive about what e-mail address I would've associated admin with.)

    Looking at the database with PHPMyAdmin, the sys_user table has an admin line and it has what looks to be an encrypted password.

    Has anyone run into this on an update? Suggestions on how to reset the admin's password? (Searching the site here I see advice for ISPConfig 2 but am not sure if that's applicable to ISPConfig 3 and encrypted passwords.) TIA.
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    clear your browser cache any try again
  3. IntnsRed

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    Thanks for the tip. It isn't a cache problem, but it's something due to this specific browser. My guess is that it's something to do with my cookie blocker/manager or some browser security setting.

    This browser used to work fine until the upgrade, but now it doesn't. Since other browsers work fine, it's most likely something I've done. Oh well, ISPConfig works, so that's the main thing.

    It's kind of nice when a piece of software is so reliable that you can forget about it.


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