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    Running Suse 10.1 using howtoforge setup and ISPConfig install. Created 5 domains and it looked like things were going great with email delivery. Realized no webmail installed by default so I installed SquirrelMail using the .pkg found on ISPConfig/downloads and installed through the ISPConfig Update function. Not sure if it happened at the same time or what, but I also tried to use relayhost with my ISP's mail server and now all incoming email gets routed to my catch-all address for my main domain (domain my server is called.) :confused:

    Here is what I see in the header of my emails (usernames changed for spam purposes):

    X-Original-To: [email protected]
    Delivered-To: [email protected]

    Also do not understand why it is giving the Delivered-To domain of mail.domain-name instead of just

    I removed the Catch-All from the main email account on my default domain and then emails are delivered to the correct virtual domains. My server is if that matters.

    Everything in ISPConfig looks correct. I am a noobie with ISPConfig. Ran Fedora Core 3 with qmail for years but wanted to try something easier to add domains and give end users more control over their domains.

    Would appreciate any help I can get - Thanks in advance.
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