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    Hello Folks,
    I am trying a "not advised" thing. I want to move a whole lot of email accounts from a postfix installation with system accounts to a ispconfig 3 installation with postfix virtual users. The good news is, I can simply copy the MD5-Hashes from the old shadow file and it will work.
    The known news is, the login name changes to user@domain. I can see in the ispconfig DB that there is a field for login name, and if I manually change it to the old $someprefix$somenumber login works as users are used to. But ISPConfig will overwrite this change, of course, so it stops working after every refresh.
    I think I saw something like a "alternative login" field in ispconfig 2, is there a way I could make this permanently work in ispconfig 3? Like the optional "name" field could be stored in the DB as login.

    I would greatly appreciate your suggestions (and yes, I know there is a good reason for this, but my usernames are unique, so no worries there).

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    ISPConfig 3 has alternative login names, See System > Interface config > mail
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    Thanks for pointing me to the obvious.
    A suggestion, in the german interface translation the additionally available field is simply called "Anmelden", which is correct but slightly ambiguous. "Anmelden als" or "Alternativer Login" would be slightly more intutive.

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