Amavisd-new Blacklist Problem

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by FSNTiger, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. FSNTiger

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    I am having a problem where emails are still passing through the spam filter, despite have a blacklist record in the spam filter section of ISPconfig. There is also no X-Spam tags entered into these emails that pass through.

    Server OS: CentOS release 6.5 (Final)
    ISPConfig Version:
    Original Setup: Perfect Server 6.0 (Has been upgraded and adjusted as needed)

    The server also runs Postgrey, which works perfectly. And some mail seems to get filtered out. But its rare that I see something with the spam tag, I am not even sure of the last time I did.

    I tried setting the spam levels to ultra low, but that seemed to have no effect on addition of the spam tags.

    When I try to issue a restart command to amavisd it fails to stop, but starts. If I issue just a stop (which fails) and then check the port (netstat -nap | grep 10024) it still shows as running.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.
  2. srijan

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    try to kill the process with
    Then try to stop/start the process again
  3. FSNTiger

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    Sorry For My Delay

    Apparently Google decided this forum was spam, so I missed a bunch of emails.

    I ended up rebooting the server and it took the new settings and started working again.

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