Apache prerequisites for Horde Groupeware

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Keoz, Feb 1, 2021.

  1. Keoz

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    *** PRODUCTION ENV ***
    Machine : remote VPS SSD 2
    OS distro : Ubuntu 18.04
    Cpanel : ISPConfig 3.2.2
    Web server : apache 2.4

    *** APP TO INSTALL ***
    Horde Groupware Webmail Edition
    (HGWE) :
    free, enterprise ready, browser based communication suite


    A prerequisite is to set PHP “PATH_INFO“ environment variables as follows on apache2 web server :
    • AcceptPathInfo On
    • broken-scriptfilename" => "enable"

    *** QUESTIONS ***
    • Should I set those environment variables in apache web server from command lines ?
    • Or should I previously install HGWE and then set these variables from copying and pasting the provided strings above in the apache directives field (in ISP Config panel) that matches the installation location (e.g. /var/www/clients/client1/web2) ?

    *** MORE INFOS ***

    Prerequisites (section 2/7) : https://www.horde.org/apps/webmail/docs/INSTALL#prerequisites
    Installation path matter (section 3.1) : https://www.horde.org/apps/webmail/docs/INSTALL

    Awaiting for some guidance…,

  2. Steini86

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    This is exactly the right place if only needed for a single web.

    It always makes sense to get information in advance and I appreciate this. In such a case, a bit of try and error is inevitable. If you don't run a high availability system, you can just try it. If you do not want to mess with your production system, copy the system into a virtual machine and try it there.
  3. Keoz

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    Thanks for the reply !
    But after I have read again installation instructions and maintenance recommandations for Horde Groupware Webmail Edition (HGWE), I finally changed my mind, and found else tool that better match my purpose.


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