Autoinstall (Bullseye) on Arm?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by WhitcombeRD, Oct 29, 2022.

  1. WhitcombeRD

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    Im running ispconfig on a few RaPis running Debian 10 and they've been fine for years but im thinking its about time to upgrade.

    Ive attempted the autoinstall script on them and it fails due to the RAR package not being in the Arm repository. Running the failing command manually via the debug switch this is definitely the sticking point.

    Is there any way to get this to work on Arm? As the install script seems to be remote i assume there's no way to edit it and remove the requirement for the rar package?
    Is there a way of removing it or building it so the script proceeds?

    Failing that is there an up to date Bullseye/Arm manual guide? Ive attempted to install it via the Debian 10 and using the various upgrade howtos to change PHP versions and so on and it sort of installs but things like rspamd dont seem to work and other things.
    Or is it really a case of sticking to Deb 10 for the time being until things are sorted?
  2. till

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    It would be great if the auto installer would fully support arm, but I don't run any arm-based servers to test it on. if you would like to help us get the auto-installer to work on arm, then this would be great. The steps would be:

    1) Sign up for an account at if you don't have an account yet, then sent me a pm here or an email to dev at ispconfig dot org so I can grant your account some additional permissions.
    2) Then create a fork of the autoinstaller code here and implement the required changes and then do a merge request against the master branch.

    I guess the best option would be if the auto installer recognizes the architecture and sets e.g. a CPU_ARCH constant or something similar at the beginning so that we can use that in the further steps to leave out things like rar which do not exist for arch.

    You can find an example on how to test the auto-installer with your custom changes here:
  3. brainsys

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    Great if you could.

    I have ISPConfig running on two ISPConfig arm64/Debian 11 servers. They were both originally Debian 10 installs using Perfect Tutorial with a couple of fiddles. Upgraded to Debian 11 without issue following the ISPConfig instructions.

    So it does work but the tutorial is getting out of date for fresh Debian 11 installs. Auto-installing an arm64 server as quickly and reliably as an amd64 would be wonderful

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