Automatic deactivation/temporary suspension of webspace after elapsed time

Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by reeceh, Apr 9, 2023.

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    Hi all,

    I've recently switched to ISPConfig from Plesk. Plesk's subscriptions have an "expiration date", after which all websites, FTP and mail services associated with the account are suspended. (You can see this here: [LINK REMOVED DUE TO PROFILE RESTRICTION] ). This was a useful feature for me. I host only a small number of clients as a side job, so it was one less admin task to worry about and ensured timely payments.

    I've spent all morning trawling through this forum, Gitlab and Google to see if this exists already, or if it is on the horizon. Pretty much all results were over 10 years old, and there were some suggestions this would be better suited in the Billing Module. I didn't find it in the module's demo, though. Suggestions like this have been made in the past, and were marked as Stale without follow-up (see: [LINK REMOVED DUE TO PROFILE RESTRICTION]).

    So I've concluded it doesn't exist already in ISPConfig. It seems someone similarly minded was halfway there with Virtual Servers (with an expires at) field. And we already have "Active" checkboxes for pretty much all relevant services. I could finish it up, and code a solution myself. But before I do, I thought to check with the forums to make sure this really hadn't been done already. If it's in the Billing Module, I'm more than happy to pay for it.

    Possible solutions could be:
    A) Add a date field below "added_date" on the Client Edit form that reads "expires_date". Store this in a new column in the database. Then have a daily cron job query the table and update "locked" to "y" where expires_date == today. Preferably, send an email notification too.
    B) Perhaps this is better achieved via the Billing Module. Where a reminder is automatically sent or an invoice is overdue, lock the client.
    C) Use of the Remote API to achieve (A).

    Has anyone made any progress with this already? Save me some work :D
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    this is usually part of the billing system.. plesk covers both billing and hosting management..
    if you used hostbill, whmcs, blesta etc, and had those connected to ispconfig, it would be those that would have an expiry date set, or would suspend services if a bill remains unpaid..
    i don't use the billing module add-on, so i don't know if it's available in the billing module, maybe as part of the item / payment template.
    the demo is quite a bit behind on the ispconfig side, i don't know how up-to-date it is on the billing module, but it's likely there's a few features missing in it.

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