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  1. mmmexp

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    Just wanted to ask if there exist the only choice to alter mail_user table in order to change default autoresponder subject and autoresponder text? or is there another way? (don't want altering a table after every update)
    (i grep'ed for default 'hallo' content text in ispconfig folder but it didn't find anything)
  2. srijan

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    The template is in /usr/local/ispconfig/server/conf/ Store your modified template in /usr/local/ispconfig/server/conf-custom/
  3. mmmexp

    mmmexp New Member

    i see in sieve_filter.master "<tmpl_var name='autoresponder_text'>"

    but where does autoresponder_text gets modified - i didn't find. (nor modifying anything in templates changes anything, i can even delete them and still i get default text in autoresponder subject and autoresponder text fields, talking about interface part here).
    The only place where i have found to modify autoresponder subject is:


    Then when i click on Autoresponder tab i get my modified text

    But i can't find where i can modify autoresponder text value which is now 'hallo' . and the only place you can find 'hallo' text is in database
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