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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by sunghost, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. sunghost

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    i installed on Debian Jessie ISPConfig 3.1 from the HowTo. Now i see that i got lots of awstats error mails.
    I checked the permession for /var/lib/awstats*, /var/cache/awstats/* and all have www-data:www-data, which should be corregt, right? I also checked /etc/awstats.conf.domain an permissions are for root and the files for the domain consist of param SiteDomain.
    Actually i dont know where to look more. Need help - thx.
  2. till

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    Check that you do not run an awstats global cronjob. awstats is run by ispconfig automatically at night, it might not be run by the system separately.
  3. sunghost

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    Hi Till,
    ok, that mean i have to comment out the lines in cron.d/awstats. Right. Sorry that was mistakeable with the HowTo, while it is written "comment out everthing ...", but the next Screen shows the final status and i though that this has to comment out, so its active... Ok, so i have to comment out and so disable the cron.d task for awstats. thx. What does this means for ispconfig, where is written whenn ispc run the jobs?
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