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Discussion in 'General' started by adeptt, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. adeptt

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    we have the newest version of ispconfig2 installed and everything is working great. server has been up for 150 days plus and no issues. We do how ever have the odd email get rejected or not make it to the recipient when sent from our ispconfig2 mail server to another email server. We have looked to see if our mail server is blacklisted on any system and we are happy to report we are not.

    The only site we are listed on is They basically say in their report that our mail server is not configured properly thats why we are listed. Here is the report.

    Please note that this listing does not mean you are a spammer, it means your mailsystem is either poorly configured or it is using abusive techniques.
    This kind of abuse is known as BACKSCATTER (Misdirected Bounces or Misdirected Autoresponders or Sender Callouts). Click the links above to get clue how and why to stop that kind of abuse.

    To track down what happened investigate your smtplogs near 16.03.2011 10:12 CET +/-1 minute.

    My questions are.
    1. does anyone else have this issue with backscatter and if so how did you resolve it?
    2. does having an issue with backscatter cause other mail servers to reject email?
    3. Im looking for an ispconfig/postfix email admin to log into my server and help fix this issue. anyone interested? Of course we pay for your time.

    thank you
  2. till

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    Do you use autoresponders on any email addresses that are hosted on that server?
  3. adeptt

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    yes.. we use autoresponders when someone goes on vacation. I guess i see this as an issue but how does backscatter know we are using them?
  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Backscatter.ord uses honeypot email addresses. If a email is received in one of these mailboxes, then the server that has sent the email is listed at So if someone sends a email to one of your accounts with a faked sender address and you reply with a autoresponder message to taht faked address, then it might happen that you get listed at same might happen if someone uses such a honeypot address in a contact form and you send a automatic receipt message, then you might get listed as well. In other words, has many sites listed wrongly, is not used often as balcklist as it has too many false positives. I would just ignore that you are listed there.
  5. edge

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    Also make sure that you have a SPF record in your DNS that is set to only use the domain in question with the correct server(s)

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