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    hi huys linux noob here in need of help with this college question and know this is homework and i should do it myself but i missed the lectures due to family problems and lecturer basically gave a basic tutorial (similar to hello world) to work through but i am at a complete loss with this and do not know how to do it. i require a backup/restore script to backup files into their appropriate directories. i am doing this on college vm so i am in root and creating a backup directory within this directory i am creating 3 more directories (wordprocessing, spreadsheet & picture files) and with in these i can create files (wp1.txt ss1.xls pix1.jpg etc). i have searched internet, looked at online books and d/loaded the script from(wicked shell scripts), got books out of college library but still lost. so i am begging someone out there can help me with this, got until monday 21st dec. or i fail this course.
    thanks for any help.

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