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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Richard Foley, Sep 7, 2019.

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    In this thread, Till, you reasonably mention that there should be symlinks pointing from the client backups `/var/backup/*.gz, which would enable the client to access their own backups via FTP, etc. Perfect.
    However, on my installation I see no symlinks under the client `/clientn/webn/*` directories, even though the backups have run via the cron job as expected.

    Backups under /var/backup/:
    ├── db_c15wpecdb_2019-09-01_00-05.sql.gz
    ├── db_c15asdfdb_2019-09-02_00-02.sql.gz
    ├── db_c15asdfdb_2019-09-03_00-02.sql.gz
    ├── db_c15asdfdb_2019-09-04_00-02.sql.gz
    ├── db_c15asdfdb_2019-09-05_00-02.sql.gz
    ├── db_c15asdfdb_2019-09-06_00-02.sql.gz
    ├── db_c15adsfdb_2019-09-07_00-02.sql.gz
    ├── web20_2019-09-01_00-03.tar.gz
    ├── web20_2019-09-02_00-01.tar.gz
    ├── web20_2019-09-03_00-01.tar.gz
    ├── web20_2019-09-04_00-01.tar.gz
    ├── web20_2019-09-05_00-01.tar.gz
    ├── web20_2019-09-06_00-02.tar.gz
    └── web20_2019-09-07_00-01.tar.gz
    And searching under client root of /var/www/client15/web20/:
     find / | grep gz$ 
    Is there an admin switch I've forgotten, or am I looking in the wrong place for the symlinks, or are they not being created, or something else obvious I'm missing?

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