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    I have done a full image of the server using ghost 2003 which worked and tested with a full restore just to be sure, now for the daily backups this is what I thought of doing... very simple backup...

    ************************************************** *************************************
    /etc/init.d/ispconfig_server stop

    T1-01:~ # tar pcfz /tmp/SystemBackup/Storage/archives/test1.tar /home
    T1-01:~ # tar pcfz /tmp/SystemBackup/Storage/archives/test2.tar /vat
    T1-01:~ # tar pcfz /tmp/SystemBackup/Storage/archives/test3.tar /etc

    /etc/init.d/ispconfig_server start

    ************************************************** ****************************************
    Or this line:

    T1-01:~ # tar pcfz /tmp/SystemBackup/Storage/archives/full.tar /home /var /etc

    which should back up the contents of all the important ispconfig dirs to my storage system.

    Now is there a problem with any of the above code... as I said very simple but it should work....

    *Also I wanted to put the backup onto a cdr or dvdr or dvdrw.... what would I need to do to make this automatic. i.e. make this process part of the script


    **** Also to the admins this post is in "server operations" could you delete it as I think the post is best placed in here.... Thanks

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