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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by adamluz, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. adamluz

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    The other day I was using a PHP script that was able to slow down the speed of downloads from the server. It would be nice to be able to limit each customer with a max upload and download speed. This way you can protect the amount of bandwidth per second being used. This only limited web speed but thats good. It would also be nice for a default speed if not set,

    Just a thought
    Adam Luz

    PS. It would also be nice if we could directly click on the database link in mysql and have it open phpmyadmin right from there with the dault username/password configured in.
  2. till

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    Do you have a link to that script?
  3. jmroth

    jmroth New Member

    If I remember correctly there also is a mod_throttle / mod_bandwidth module for apache. Unfortunately I think it doesn't exist for Apache2. In that case one might use the packet scheduler that comes with the OS. Limiting name-based virtualhosts might not be possible in that case ;)
  4. adamluz

    adamluz New Member

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