Best/proper way to change IP address of any server in ispconfig multi setup?

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    Hello all, We are migrating our servers from one datacenter to another, we are NOT keeping the same IPs, what is the best way to move one at a time one of the 4 servers we have in a multi server setup ?

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    In an ispconfig multiserver setup, all slaves connect to the master, they poll data. When you move the master server, then ensure to update the IP addresses for the master in all /etc/hosts files of the slave. When you move a slave, then ensure to update the IP address in the hosts file of the slave and the hosts file of the master. Then use phpmyadmin to edit the ispcsrv* MySQL user of that slave (on the master) and change the IP of that user to the new IP address, so that logins from the slave work again. The Ip needs to be changed in the network cards too of course :)
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    Thanks! I just want to be sure i cover all aspects!
    Have a great day!

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