Billing Module and Supporting ISPC3 in General.

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    Took the plunge and purchased the module even though I won't be using it much, but more to show support for the panel and continuing development. I have tried quite few panels in the past dating back to Plesk 3,4, Zpanel, Kloxo, Webuzo and such and the simplicity and most importantly ease of use and just plainly 'it works'. By buying this and opening our wallet means that we're ready settle down and make this our final home and feel comfortable with IPSConfig 3 as our one and only panel.

    It is a great product and awesome when you get to update kernels, packages for over a year now and coming back to find things just 'working' and nothing breaking, like I, or we have experienced in the past. Silence or not many posts on the forum doesn't mean that the panel is not popular, it means that we don't have anything to complain about and that things are working.

    I encourage others to show support by subscribing to the forums or if you start making money from the panel to buy the billing module :).

    Stay strong and stay open (s).
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    Thank you very much for your kind words and your support for ISPConfig!
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    Bump up! I concur!
    Excellent product, Till.
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    Thanks! :)

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