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    Hi Guys,
    My system has stopped creating the pdf invoice in the billing module. Is there a log file for the process and also can I have set-by-step instruction for testing the creation of the pdf invoice file.
    I wanted to make a AU language file, so exported the EN one.
    Changed the strings in the language file, and then imported it back into ispconfig, and it's working for the interface etc, just creating issues with invoice creation.
    Then I changed the setting to use the new language file for the system and clients.
    Next was the make_pdf_invoice,php file, as I have no use for VAT (GST in Australia), i started on the default_no_vat file.

    Making changes such as address format, date format, removing client number, renaming company reg no to ABN.

    Till etl: Is there an email address I can send my change to so you can have a look at the file(s).

  2. till

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    The most likely reason for failing invoice creation is that there is either a typo in one of the language files or in another file that you altered which causes a syntax error in PHP. Take a look into the global apache / nginx error.log and check that for syntax errors.

    For debugging PDF invoice templates, please see here:

    According to Wikipedia, GST is a value added tax as well, so it might be enough to simply rename the word VAT with GST in the language files and use a VAT template.
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    Thanks Till, I started again with the make_pdf_invoice.php file and was very care full about the changes I made. The language file is fine.
    Yes GST is a value added tax, but I'm not required to collect that, as I'm small enough to not have the sales level.

    I now have a feature request. The ability to have a custom language file/system that will survive updates & upgrades, that will only contain the strings that should be changed from the default system language in use, and they get loaded in after the main language file replacing those already in use by the custom strings.

    ---|ISPConfig Language File|3.1.5|custom
    $wb['company_register_txt'] = 'ABN';
    $wb['vat_txt'] = 'GST';
    $wb['zip_txt'] = 'Postcode';


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