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    Hello guys,

    I have a few questions regarding to Billing module and its development. Have to say, I do not have capabilities to read the whole code regarding to my questions and test everything so, therefore I am asking here.

    1. What is the difference between dashboard_order_edit.php and dashboard_order_edit2.php ? I can see dashboard_order_edit.php is used on dashboard "shop" dashlet to order products. On the other hand, dashboard_order_edit2.php code looks more complex with more features but I cannot see any reference to this script.
    2. Regarding dashboard_order_edit2.php, there are some references to something like "shop_plugins", what is it, is it possible to implement somehow, is there any documentation?
    3. Until now I did not use "shop" dashlet - feature to order something from ISPConfig Client's dashboard. Now I am testing this feature but after submitting the form with product recap I am getting an error "You have no permission to change any settings.". Besides that there are two tabs "Addons" and "Summary" which does not working as well, but those can be hot-fixed by commenting in values in "billing/form/dashboard_order.tfom.php" which is a bad solution for sure.

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    Well :) Ok then.

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