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Discussion in 'General' started by Mosquito, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. Mosquito

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    I am looking into various ways to integrate automated billing into my business. I use ISPConfig to divvy up portions of a server to several small clients. Currently, all billing is done manually (very small clients), and they send me the payments (or I show up at their place of work and politely ask for the payment). Right now, its a very cordial, but slow process of getting paid. I'd love the ability to set up packages with a certain price and automated, recurring billing. It would save me time, and probably save the clients some time as well.

    So, I think I am looking for the following features:
    - Automated, recurring billing
    - Integrates with a payment processor of some kind
    - Fairly easy to install, and integrate with ISPConfig

    What would you recommend (or, what are you using to do this right now)?

    Second question - I haven't started looking yet, but I know I'll need a payment processor too. What would you recommend? I am based in the US (may matter for currency conversions for the processor).

    Thanks guys
  2. till

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    Thre is no billing solution for ispconfig available at the moment. But as far as I know, some devs are working on a invoicing module. You should find more infos about that here in the forum.

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