BIND dns …. and Ispconfig3 ?

Discussion in 'General' started by g0dzilla, Jul 15, 2017.

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    Troubles with something I don´t know well what is it? or where to start?

    - CentOS 7, VPS SERVER -
    VPS server with bind, apache, postfix/dovecot, mysql… etc. At the time bind was installed I setup a main domain, everything goes well (dns works in Internet, mail, web, etc). As this will be a multi-domain (kind of hosting) server I installed ISPCONFIG3, so no problem till there.


    When I add a client, domain, ftp account, etc…. and dns entry (through the wizard -ISPCONFIG3) The new parked domain doesn't work, by these I mean bind doesn't resolved it, like if I It wasn't add It in the bind config files.

    I lookup in the dns directory and I founded : The new zone files: YES but the named.conf doesn ´t include the zone entry. Adding these by hand was worst :-(

    What and where to lookup ? :) Thanks in advanced!!!

    Advice, alternatives, and also ideas are welcome :)
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    The most common reasn is this: when you add a new zone and you use a subdomain of the same zone for the nameserver (NS) record, e.g., then you must also add an A-Record for ns1 and the same for ns2. If you do not add the A-Records, then the zone is incomplete and BIND will reject it and for the reason, they don't get included in the named.conf.local until the mising records were added by you in ISPConfig. When the nameservers of a zone are from a different zone. e.g. uses nameserver, then these A-Records are not required.

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