Bind, Postfix and possibly more problems from "http://" domain entry

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by LunarNexus, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. LunarNexus

    LunarNexus New Member

    I had a reseller add a domain a few days ago. In the "Domain" field he put "" instead of "".

    I delete the domain from the ISPconfig web interface, but I'm still having problems.

    I'm having all kinds of problems. Postfix wouldn't start after a server reboot. I went into /etc/postfix/local-host-names and pulled out the domain and postfix started working again. The error was something like "Postfix: missing dictionary: www.http".

    Second problem I've found so far is that bind is not updating when I make changes through the web interface. When I run "php /root/ispconfig/scripts/writeconf.php" I get a bunch of PHP warnings about undefined constants, then a segmentation fault.

    I'm not sure where to all to go to get rid of this lingering domain. I've looked around in the ispconfig database, but the structure is a bit confusing to me. Any ideas?
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    Please don't make changes manually in the ISPConfig database.
    You can use ISPConfig's serch function to search for the domain.

    A segmentation fault is normally an indication for some kind of hardware problem (memory, etc.). You could check your memory with memtest86:
  3. LunarNexus

    LunarNexus New Member

    Thanks for the quick reponse!

    I think you might have missed the actual problem. I deleted the site and domain from ISPconfig, but it left pieces of it in certain places. After I deleted it, there was still the 'bad' domain name in /etc/postfix/local-host-names and /etc/named.conf still had the bad domain name in it.

    DNS doesn't update at all now, even after pulling out the http:// domain name out of /etc/named.conf and /etc/postfix/local-host-names. I'm assuming it's still in the database somewhere that I can't see. I haven't modified the database by hand by the way. I'm by no means, a DBA.
  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Have you emptied the recycle bin's in ISP-Manager and DNS-Manager?
  5. LunarNexus

    LunarNexus New Member

    I did previously and everything emptied out fine. I later re-added the site with the correct domain name. Now I'm trying to delete the domain, site and the customer, and now I can't seem to get the DNS bin to empty. I'm about to the point of re-building and starting fresh.
  6. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Have you waited about one minute between deleting the DNS-records until you emptied the recycle bin? ISPConfig needs some time to modify the config files before it unlocks the records in the database again.

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