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Discussion in 'General' started by friday, Jul 14, 2008.

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    For the past two or three months or so, I've been trying to track down a problem with a few users getting completely blank emails. No "to" or "from", no headers, completely blank emails. I've noticed that they are only 850 bytes or so, and only list the time/date it arrived.

    My first step was thinking that it was the AV, as seen elsewhere on this site. We've had issues of clamscan killing the CPU, pegging it at 99%. I've setup the clamav daemon, and setup that to scan. No difference

    Then, I remembered that I had setup the FuzzyOCR package. I removed that. I thought this fixed the problem. But, no difference. Got some today.

    I reverted the clamav back to clamscan, but had an issue where the CPU was again pegged at 99%. It seems that when I have 4 simultaneous processes of clamscan running at the same time, this is when blank emails form. I noticed that when this does happen, I would run out of memory for processes, as the main physical memory would run out, as would the swap file. This was with 1 gig. So, I upped the RAM to 2 gigs.

    Thought I had this problem licked, but today, got some more blank emails.

    So now, I'm hoping that upgrading from ISPConfig 2.2.23 to 2.2.24 would hopefully solve the issue, but I'm a little worried that it wont.

    Any other ideas?

    Edit: I heard from the users there that this happens on internal emails sent from one user to another.
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    Please try to disable the mailscan option in the account.

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