Can not obtaitn lets encrypt

Discussion in 'Linux Beginners' started by pecka33, Oct 5, 2022.

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    on my dedicated server a have created a lot of domains, with lets encrypt etc. and all works fine

    Today i registered new domain, add via ispconfig as usual and enable ssl lets encrypt. But doesn not work. In error log i can see and can not found why. I tried remove all files from websites, rename htaccess etc but does not work

    [Wed 05 Oct 2022 07:49:07 PM CEST] xx.xx:Verify error:2a02:2b88:1:4::16: Invalid response from http://xx.xx/.well-known/acme-challenge/7a590JxAYL6IEleIypsAGrp_VtII6JL7fE6kS8qV0o4: 404
  2. pecka33

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    Solved. Problem was wrong set ipv6 records
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