Cannot login to ISPConfig from outside

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by bidevi, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. bidevi

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    This is my situation. ISPConfig runs on Debian Etch in the perfect setup (plus desktop environment). I can reach ISPConfig on my server's static IP within my LAN, i.e. something like My sites are up and running, no problem there (http, ftp, phpMyAdmin all work), but I cannot reach ISPConf from outside, i.e. by I get this message: refused the connection, the server may be busy etc.

    A little bit more about the conditions. I've got a dynamic IP address and use ddclient plus DynDNS to stay on line. The IP address for my sites in ISP Manager => ISP Site => Basis is the static IP address of my server, i.e. something like

    What do I do wrong?
  2. till

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    Plaese make sure that you opened port 81 in your firewall and forwarded port 81 to your server in case that you use a router.

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