Cannot Receive External Email - ISPConfig 3, Ubuntu 9.10

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  1. jsmcdougall

    jsmcdougall New Member

    Hi All,

    I'd appreciate any support anyone could give me with the following issue.

    I set up a LAMP server according to the Perfect Server instructions for Ubuntu 9.10. Everything is working great--except that the server isn't receiving (or delivering) mail from remote addresses.

    I can send and receive email fine from/to addresses on the server with SquirrelMail. I can also send emails to remote addresses from on the server just fine.

    I use GoDaddy's DNS control to manage the DNS records for my domains and this is what I have set up in the domains' records.

    A record:

    Client Domain
    MX record:

    The mail.log file doesn't show me anything unusual. I have a feeling that the remote email is not reaching the server. There are no bounce notices or error messages that I've found.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Please make sure that the MX record for your domain points to the correct server:
    dig mx
  3. mattg2379

    mattg2379 New Member

    Email issues

    Hi all.

    I'm having issues with postfix as well. I followed the perfect server guide to install ispconfig on Ubuntu 8.10 on a rackspace cloud.

    I am able to send and receive email internally through squirrelmail for users/mailboxes set up within ispconfig, but I am unable to send or receive external emails.

    The domain name is through godaddy, and after browsing other forums, I amended the mx records to match below:

    ARecord @
    CNAME www @
    CNAME ftp @
    MX @
    MX @

    The IP address is static on the cloud (as far as I can tell)

    Im not sure if the for the MX records is true. They are set to priority 0 and 10 respectively. I added the mail subdomain to theISPconfig for that site, so it exists in the system. Im not sure if this is right or not.

    I am relatively new to *nix stuff. I have set up a few Ubuntu servers before, but never email.

    Please, if anyone can help me I will forever owe you beer. This is starting to stress me out and I really need to get this working ready for customers on various domains.

    Many thanks in advance for your help
  4. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    You also need an A record for

    Are there any errors in your mail log?

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