can't access phpmyadmin?

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  1. digitalv

    digitalv New Member

    I have just finished setting up ISPConfig and created a account, when I try going to https://[I]domain.tld[/I]:81/phpmyadmin I just get a 404 not found... is there something wrong with my setup or anything special I need to do? I used to be able to access my main phpmyadmin by just typing in my ipaddress/phpmyadmin and now that does not even come up, is this correct?

    I am unsure if it is maybe because my domain has not propigated yet, but when I goto domain.tld I can access my site, and even the ISPConfig backend...

    I can give any more info thats needed, thanks :)

    Just incase, heres my netstat -tap readout for mysql

    tcp        0      0 *:mysql                 *:*                     LISTEN     3206/mysqld
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  2. digitalv

    digitalv New Member

    Ok I got it working... I never saw the part about having to install the tool for it...

    Although I am now having a second problem... how can a user create a DB from within their side of ISPConfig and then login to phpmyadmin, and create new db's? I always get access denied... because I have a few sites, and some of my clients I am bringing over have a few sites that all have multiple databases for the same site, and its a real pain to have a different login/pass for each database even though their all for the same website... how can this be done? Thanks!
  3. Hans

    Hans Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Howto: create a database & mysqluser within ISPConfig.

    - Login into ISPConfig with the admin account.
    - Within ISPConfig, click on your website within the structure tree.
    - Enable "MySQL" for the website ans click on "Save".
    - After that, click on the "Options"tab for that same website.
    - Click on Database "New" so that the name of the MySQL user and Database are created.
    - The only thing you still need to do is to define a password for the new MySQL-user.
    When you're finished, click on save again.

    - You can use the new MySQL user account/password to access phpmyadmin at URL http://anydomainonyourserver.tld:81/phpmyadmin.
  4. digitalv

    digitalv New Member

    Thanks for the reply Hans, but what about being able to create multiple DB's from within phpmyadmin? Because when I create multiple DB's from within ISPConfig, each database has its own user/password... heres what I have going...

    One of my sites I have 2 databases, one for the main content of the website, and one for the games section... I would like to be able to administer both databases with one account instead of having to login to one database, make my changes, and then log out, and log into the other database, even though they are both under the same site... hope that makes sense... is this possible with ISPConfig?

    I used to be on managed hosting that used like cPanel or Plesk, and when you created multiple databases, you were able to manage them all within one login of phpmyadmin....
  5. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Each database has a separate login in ISPConfig. Of course, you're free to create additional databases with phpMyAdmin, but make sure you use database names/user names that do not conflict with ISPConfig's naming scheme.
  6. digitalv

    digitalv New Member

    Sounds good, but when I login to phpmyadmin with the login/pass created with ISPConfig, and try to create a DB, it says access denied... is that correct or did I do something wrong? If I login with root then I can do everything needed, but I need to enable clients to create db's from within phpmyadmin... or will I have to login as root and manually change the permissions of each user to allow creation? If so thats no biggie, but would be more convenient if it was automatic... Thanks for all the help :)
  7. Hans

    Hans Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    You must login with MySQL user account not with the (mail)useraccount or client account. If you can not enter phpMyAdmin with the MySQL useraccount, probably something is wrong...
  8. digitalv

    digitalv New Member

    So when I create a DB within ISPConfig and it gives me a user/pass, thats no good for doing anything other then administering that database? Ouch... so what account do I have to give my clients to be able to login to phpmyadmin and be able to create new DB's within phpmyadmin? Do I have to manually create accounts for them from within phpmyadmin?

    Thanks for the help!
  9. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Yes, that's how it's supposed to be. Users can create/delete/change tables within that specific database, but nothing more. Imagine they could create new databases or even delete existing ones... That would be a pretty insecure setup.

    That's not a good idea (see above). You'd have to create a database user that is allowed to create new databases. It would be better if you created the databases for your users yourself to go sure that your users don't abuse your database.

    Yes. Take a look at MySQL's GRANT syntax:
  10. digitalv

    digitalv New Member

    Ok, so how does the other hosting sites allow users to create DB's within phpmyadmin then? I am really unsure of how the whole hosting stuff works for other sites so bear with me! Because with all my previous hosts, I was always able to create, delete, etc with no problems, and I would only see my databases, no one elses... is that something specific to Plesk/cPanel or what?

    But your answers are perfect, as long as I know thats what I have to do then thats no problem, I love ISPConfig and can't believe I was actually looking into purchasing a license for cPanel or Plesk before finding ISPConfig. Thanks a ton for all your help, and I hope I can get some free time here soon and be able to start contributing back to the community.
  11. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    You can do the same with ISPConfig, only that the database names/usernames cannot be changed.
  12. digitalv

    digitalv New Member

    ok thats what I was thinking. Thanks for all the help!

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