Can't get MX for external mail server to work

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by semmelbroesel, Nov 25, 2005.

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    my web site is hosted by a friend who knows enough about Linux to setup this server - I have hardly any clue about it. He just migrated the server to ISPConfig and will be gone for 24h, but in the meantime my email server is down, so I am hoping someone here can help me faster.

    He used to have my MX record setup manually to go to my own PC at home using a domain. I have been playing with ISPConfig for an hour now and can't figure out how to have the MX record of my domain point to my external mail server.

    I did find out that you need to have a co-domain setup and the mail server point to External and have MX record on. These are all set now, but something must still be wrong. I don't know if I can access mail logs etc. - I don't know how to since the server is in a different state and I don't know how to remote access the server (if he setup access for me - he just finished installing it again).

    My setup is: is the main domain.
    I originally had it set to have www as hostname and as domain. I activated DNS and MX entry.
    Then I created a co-domain without a hostname, checked MX record and DNS record for it.
    In the DNS Manager, I entered as mail server address.
    Since it wouldn't work, I entered my mail server address for all domain combinations I could think of:
    (empty),,,, mail
    Nothing works.
    The email address is [email protected] and is supposed to go to my external mail server, and it used to before ISPConfig was installed.

    What can I do to get this to work?
    If you need any information other than what I can get from the interface, please let me know how I can get it. SSH is installed, and I have used Putty before to login.

  2. semmelbroesel

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    Found out there was yet another "external mailserver" entry. Activated that, so far no change. I am using to check if my mail server is working, and since the DNS settings are stored on our server, my guess is that changes should come in instantly...
    So so far I am still stuck...

    Also noticed:
    I put co-domains there for and, and both show in the config window as pointing to the LAN IP adress, and both are set to have DNS and DNS MX. But I cannot access or from a web browser - shouldn't I be able to get some http response after setting up these co-domains? Or do I need forwarding on?

    Where am I supposed to set the external mail server record, anyway? In the Co-Domain forwarding spot?

    Also just found that my co-domain "" has a domain record, but it points to the LAN IP address of the server! Interestingly "" has the same settings, but cannot be found from outside the network. Obviously something must have gone very wrong here...
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    Is your ISPConfig server authoritive for the domain? When you change the DNS settings, it my take up to 48 hours until they get active.
  4. falko

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    Like Till I guess that your ISPConfig server isn't the authoritative name server for your domain. Please post your domain here, and I'll check.
  5. semmelbroesel

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    Thanks for your answers. I think the server is the main DNS server. I sent a private message to Falko with my domain info. Thanks!

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