Centos 5 Perfect Install with SSH

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by tal56, Oct 31, 2007.

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    I want to do the Centos 5 perfect install, but my dedicated server I'm getting only gives you "SSH only install" and you are on your own after that.

    So what do I need to install with YUM to get started doing the Perfect Install? Basically I don't have the option of selecting the packages from the OS install, and need to add them after the fact before I can get started doing the Perfect install. Thanks for your help.
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    Here's one way

    I'm sure there's a much easier way to do what you want but I'll offer one solution.

    Look at the install log on your system:

    It will show everything that was installed when your system was initially set up.

    Compare that to my install log (attached) that was done exactly as the perfect setup CentOS 5 specified about 2 weeks ago.

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    Here's the easy way!

    I just remembered the easy way.

    SSH into your system and type

    yum grouplist
    This will display all of the installed groups on your system.
    The perfect install includes all of these:
    Installed Groups:
       MySQL Database
       Development Libraries
       System Tools
       Text-based Internet
       DNS Name Server
       Dialup Networking Support
       Network Servers
       Web Server
       Windows File Server
       Printing Support
       Mail Server
       Server Configuration Tools
       Administration Tools
       Yum Utilities
    If you are missing anything then just do
    yum groupinstall 'missing_groupname'
    Replace 'missing_groupname' with the name of the missing group.

    If your really bored, you still might enjoy looking through the 600+ line list in my previous post. ;)
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    Wpwood3, that is fantastic... Thank you !!

    Just out of curiosity, when I install those groups I do want all the packages included in each group correct? I mean is there stuff in each group that I should not be installing? And if so, how do I avoid them?

    Thanks again !!

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