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    Hi all,

    I have setup ISPconfig on a box using Debian with one private ip address ( for cr.com.ve) an it can be reached from Internet throught other box using SuSE as LAN-Internet firewall ( and only one ip on the internet side that redirects the traffic from and to internet to the ISPconfig box and runs other services for others PCs on the LAN). Later I setup on the same Debian box with the ISPconfig other domain using other ip ( for mindaeninternet.com) and create certificates for both domains.

    The thing is, I have setup the firewall to go to each ip when each domain is visited, but it doesn't work well for the secure ports and without the www address prefix. In both domains I get the certificate from cr.com.ve :confused:. So I need some advice to find out what's going on or if someone could give me info or a clue to setup that or if I need to change something on the dns section on ISPconfig or the firewall, or how could I setup my firewall (if maybe is not well configured) in order to identify the ips to go when one visitor try to see one specific web page by domain.

    Visit the sites and see what im talking about, compare url with the blue banner on the top of each web page:



    Regards and thanks in advance,

    Jose De Ponte
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    To me it seems as if your router forwards all requests only to your first IP address ( so that Apache always delivers the cr.com.ve page...

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