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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by mattltm, Sep 22, 2014.

  1. mattltm

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    I was looking through some feedback forms and noticed that the main issue for users who are creating new sites seems to revolve around the "Harddisk Quota" and "Traffic Quota" fields when adding a new web domain.

    When a client has a "Harddisk Quota" and "Traffic Quota" set, it would make sense to pre-fill the related fields with the correct value when the client creates a new site.

    At the moment, the "Harddisk Quota" and "Traffic Quota" fields are pre-filled with -1.

    Can I change this somewhere in the code so that it shows the clients limit instead of -1?
  2. srijan

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    See -1 means unlimited quota, if you want to change the value then answer is Yes you can change the value greater than 0Mb.
  3. mattltm

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    Sure, I know that -1 means "unlimited". Maybe I need to be more clear about the problem...

    The admin creates a web template with harddisk and traffic limits. Let say 1024Mb.

    A client logs into ISPConfig and adds a new site. The form has the entries for "Harddisk Quota" and "Traffic Quota" pre-filled with -1. Because it is already there, the client leaves it and submits the form.

    An error message is shown because the client does not have "unlimited" harddisk and traffic quotas so the client has to fill out the form again and input their quotas.

    What I am asking is can the form be pre-filled with the clients assigned quota (1024Mb in this case) and not the default "-1" entry?
  4. till

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    This should be possible. you should file a feature request in the ispconfig bugtracker.

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