Change the admin email address ISPconfig uses to send mail

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  1. fyberoptik

    fyberoptik New Member

    I'm looking to change the email address of messages that come from ISPconfig. I have set the admin email address under Interface > Main Config > Mail, but this doesn't change the email address which ISPconfig sends mail as.

    For instance when I reset the a password, message get sent as ispconfig@ domain-name .com

    How can change this?
  2. fyberoptik

    fyberoptik New Member

    In the password reset message (/interface/web/login/password_reset.php), I can see where ISPconfig sets the sender to ['admin_email'], I would of thought this would be pulling the admin email address which is set under Interface > Main Config > Mail. But for some reason it doesn't.

    I tried to change it manually in the php file but it still doesn't change the sender email address in the message.
    $app->ispcmail->setSender('test@example .com', $mail_config['admin_name']);
  3. fyberoptik

    fyberoptik New Member

    Resolved issue, turned out to be a problem with the DNS entry. When the recipient server received the message, it was unable to verify the original source of the message correctly.
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  4. Entangled

    Entangled Member


    I have the same issue/problem. I have checked the DNS entry and it appears to be fine.

    Can you explain what you did to resolve this?

    Thank you,

  5. andrejones

    andrejones New Member

    Could you please explain what exactly you did? I'm facing the same issue.

    Thanks! :)

    Andre Jones
  6. Jose Roses

    Jose Roses New Member

    I have the same problem, I have installed the ISPCONFIG but I do not know how to change admin mail, this is very usuful, because if for any case I forget my password from the login screen I can use the option to send me an email with the new password.

    Please can someone help us?.
    We will invite you to three beers, to solve the same problem!!!!

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