Clamav-daemon and freshclam keep starting at bootime

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by victortruica, Oct 2, 2015.

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    I have stopped and disabled the clamav-daemon and clamav-freshclam services. The following commands have been used to stop and disable them from running at bootime :
    • service clamav-daemon stop
    • service clamav-freshclam stop
    • update-rc.d -f clamav-daemon remove
    • update-rc.d -f clamav-freshclam remove
    I can also check if they have been disabled with the sysv-rc-conf command.

    The problem is that they keep start at bootime and I don't understand why. They must be referenced somewhere in other programs configurations. The only thing I could think of was amavis / postfix, but I have also disabled amavis.

    Any ideas on this without actually uninstalling clam ?

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    Just checked the VPS again and apparently I'm having the same issue with bind9
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    Just noticed that I posted in the wrong section. Could a moderator please move it to the ISPconfig3 - Installation/Configuration section ?
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    On Ubuntu 16.04 with ISPConfig 3.1 i encountered the same problem and i have solved so:

    systemctl disable clamav-daemon.socket
    systemctl disable clamav-daemon.service
    systemctl disable clamav-freshclam.service
    systemctl disable bind9.service
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