clamd daemonize() failed: Cannot allocate memory

Discussion in 'General' started by, Mar 4, 2016.

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    I am getting this error on my ispconfig 3 system, centos.
    I can see enough free memory.
    [root@email ~]# free -m
    total used free shared buffers cached
    Mem: 991 740 250 0 8 126
  2. m4l41k4t

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    The error it display when access to web pages?
    how about memory limit in php.ini (maybe a Minimum requirement php memory limit for running wel the script)?

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    This is for clamav virus scanner...

    In PHP ini, memory usage set to 128M
  4. m4l41k4t

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    in processlist I can see clamd

    2931 amavis 20 0 533m 163m 1524 S 0.0 16.5 0:00.06 clamd
    3110 amavis 20 0 341m 103m 7692 S 0.0 10.4 0:01.44 amavisd
    3109 amavis 20 0 339m 94m 992 S 0.0 9.6 0:00.30 amavisd
    2942 amavis 20 0 335m 93m 548 S 0.0 9.4 0:02.04 amavisd
    3910 root 20 0 448m 26m 17m S 0.0 2.7 0:00.12 httpd

    [root@email ~]# service clamd status
    clamd is stopped
  6. m4l41k4t

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    yes, clamd can't start because does not have enough memory (as display error)
    ERROR: daemonize() failed: Cannot allocate memory
    So you can Optimization your memory usage (or upgrade memory :D hehehehe)
    ClamAV uses 150MB in order to load itself, So, my suggestion minimum of free memory 300MB
  7. Jesse Norell

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    Make sure you have some swap memory too, as 250 MB ram may (or may not!) be enough to run clamd, but it certainly isn't enough to satisfy all it's memory allocations (which are 533m in your process listing, and >900m in a server I just checked here).

    You might kill the running clamd (kill 2931) and see if you can restart it; something is goofy if your init system says it's not running.

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