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    Sorry just need some basic clarification. I'm starting to feel a little like a chicken with its head cut off :\ :eek:

    I want to run ISPconfig however I'm getting stuck on a few things.

    Setup - CentOS 4.2

    I bought a domain name at for 2.99 for a year. So far all ive changed is the ARecord to my server IP.

    Mail Server Host Name: Priority:
    Yahoo! Mail Server 20
    Yahoo! Mail Server 30

    Name Server

    Do these need to move to my server in order for bind/dns to work and also mail server?

    I reviewed this

    So Ive changed my server to reflect
    NS1 = 72.x.x.2
    NS2 = 72.x.x.4
    Mail = [email protected]
    Default MX = Yes

    So this will setup my server and mail?

    Any insight into the above would be a great help or even some additional online documentaion I can read.
  2. till

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    This must point to your server, not to the Yahoo mailserver.

    If you only have one domain i recommend to let the DNS management at the Yahoo Server and simply point the A and MX Records to your Server.

    No, these are only the default Settings for the DNS Manager. Leve the Domain at Yahoo if you only have one. If you get more Domains i recommend to use the DNS Manager for the other domains.

    To Setup your mail and Webserver the DNS-Manager is not nescessary if you leave the domain at Yahoo.

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