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Discussion in 'General' started by Xenocide, Oct 22, 2014.

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    Hi everyone,

    As we continue to use our ISPConfig installation it's starting to have some growing pains. The most notable is that the dropdowns for sites/clients takes ages to render sometimes.

    This PC is a monster and it lags sometimes when trying to use the drop downs. Here's a video as an example.

    It's alot slower on slower machines (as you'd expect) but it does mean that rather than 20 seconds to setup a website it's a couple of minutes.

    I think it just uses jQuery UI's auto complete functionality?

    If that's the case, it's not a problem limited to ISPConfig :).


    $('#client_group_id option').length
    Could there be an option in System -> Interface to turn off the autocomplete boxes perhaps?

    Would it be possible to add something like this to the roadmap for future versions? I can submit a bug if you like but wondered if it's something anyone else has noticed.

    If you would like any more info or access to our setup please reply or PM me :)
  2. till

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    You can turn off autocomplete under System > Interface config.
  3. Xenocide

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    I looked there i swear! Ok thank you :).

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