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    Over 10 years now I have came here to collaborate with you guys and I have enjoyed every minute.
    I often tell you how much there is "intellect" here. Immense know-how that is constantly being add to.
    I believe it's time we took our combined efforts and start collaborating even further on a practical level.
    I can think of a few "easy" start up projects like better SPAM filtters, configurations, (fail2)ban list's for Postfix and FireWall's.
    Things like these are a must if you use Control Panels for hosting.
    I'm sure you guys can think of lot more "lists" and services that we can use together.
    HowToForge is filled with ISP's so I'm sure that we can find one that is willing to host this collaboration. I know I am.
    Or better yet... make it a distributed service from start.
    There is this interesting SSH block-chain service I have been meaning to study more.
    Maybe we can use that to de-centralize the collaboration and make it as open as possible for others to use.

    What do you think? Am I crazy or nut? :)
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